Pre-harvest talks

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This article on agriculture, climate change and harvest choices comes out from a chat with Francesco Falcone, whom I thank for his precious support.
[The picture shows the vineyard Microcosmo, where a dangerous arson was set yesterday by unknown criminals]

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Hot vintages, fresh vintages

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Our past three vintages in Sicily have been incredibly hot, the 2017 in particular. We have had many days above 100F and, in some occasions, daytime temperatures have risen above 120F, along with muggy nights and continued draught. Many ask: is it possible to make wine in these conditions? And, how can you describe wines made in hot vintages?

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Nero d’Avola at your fingertips

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An easy guide to Nero d’Avola: history and character of the grape, and useful information on where is it grown, what does it taste like, and how to pair Nero d’Avola wines with Sicilian and international cuisine.

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Wild yeast harvest 2016

Wild yeast and the miracle of life

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Wild yeast and spontaneous fermentations, which are today one of the key points of the natural wine movement, are linked to ancestral Mediterranean traditions that remain a source of culture and inspiration for many winegrowers all over the world.

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Inzolia, the Mediterranean queen

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Known in Sicily by different names (Insolia, Ansolia, ‘Nzolia vranca), Inzolia is a white grape variety anciently brought by Greeks. It is also grown in Tuscany (Ansonica), and in different wine regions of Western Mediterranean.

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wine colors

The color of wine

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Where does the color of wine come from? What is white and red winemaking? What does "orange wine" mean? 
These are the most asked questions during this summer's visits at Cantine Barbera. 

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What wine producers can do for climate change

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Transportation and electricity are the two most significant expenditure items in a winery’s budget, and the ones with the greatest environmental impact. Cutting down transportation can be complex, but making energy-related sustainable choices is, instead, very easy and is a strong commitment for change.

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New labels for my wines

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I am very excited to announce that my new labels are ready! 
La Bambina, Inzolia and Nero d'Avola Menfi DOC now have a new design and also new names (well, some of them). 

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Why - and what happens if - a wine loses its DOC

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It happens sometimes that a wine that has had a DOC label for many years suddenly loses its appellation. Here I explain the bureaucratic mysteries of Italian DOCs, and why producers must re-classify their wines in order to be able to sell them.

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Grillo, the new cool Sicilian wine

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I am quite sure that nobody outside Sicily knew anything about Grillo only 10 years ago.
This is also still the case for many indigenous Sicilian grapes, but the one surprising thing is that Grillo's popularity has broadened from being totally obscure to becoming one of the most appreciated varieties in a very limited amount of time.

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Weight of a wine bottle

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From a marketing point of view, packaging plays a fundamental role in the perceived value of wine, and marketers spend a lot of efforts in the design of bottles and labels

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Catarratto white Sicilian indigenous grape

Catarratto, a Sicilian classic

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Catarratto [KAH-tahr-RAT-toh] is one of the classic traditional white grape varieties of Sicily, and is considered to be one of the most antique.

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