Perricone and Nerello Mascalese vineyard

Microcosmo, the magic of wine

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Microcosmo, a Sicilian wine made with Perricone and Nerello Mascalese, and the meaning of space and time

The other day I tasted Microcosmo 2011 with my girlfriend from Florence.
Yesterday we bottled Microcosmo 2012 and decanted the barrels from last harvest 2013.
Today we are working in the vineyard for the canopy management of perricone, which will give us Microcosmo 2014.

And I feel this is the magic and the true meaning of wine: it brings you back in time and makes you look forward at the same moment, experiencing intimate feelings and emotions that belong to many. By making wine in the most natural way, I am proud to take care of Menfi, my homeland, and to promote the knowledge of my small world abroad: the uncontaminated sea of Porto Palo with its amazing sandy dunes, the low cliffs of Solette beach and the white rocks of Bertolino, the green valley covered with vineyards and olive trees that stretches along the Belìce river.

Despite their physical distance, people sharing the pleasure of wine with others who live far away are closer than they would think.
Because whoever enjoys a glass of wine and feels the same emotions in all four corners of the world is not just people: it's friends.


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