Marilena Barbera

Who I am

My name is Marilena Barbera and I am a winegrower.
I live and make my wines in Menfi, Sicily.

As a little girl, I dreamt of a diplomatic career, but after my college degree in International Law in Florence and a master degree in Tax and Financial planning in Verona, my motivations to come back to my roots grew so strong that I decided to plan my future life in Sicily.

Thus, I enthusiastically embraced my family’s business at Cantine Barbera, grateful for the extraordinary legacy of my family's 100 years long story.
I started working as sales and marketing manager in 2000, with a main focus on foreign markets, keeping relations with key customers, importers and distributors in 14 countries around the world. After my father's passing in 2006, I took on full responsibility for the winery's production: I eventually fell in love with winemaking, and this fatal attraction completely changed my life.

Today I make my wines in Menfi, and never gave up travelling, as I do believe that wine is the best ambassador of the culture and history of my home land.


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