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The 2023 Report published by the Observatory on the Menfi DOC speaks out clearly: Menfi is the 5th "small" Sicilian DOC by number of bottles produced.

Officially presented during the celebrations for "Menfi Città del Vino 2023", the Report shows the constant growth of the Menfi DOC both in terms of certified wines and of bottles produced, and declares the consolidated relevance of Menfi Region among the most interesting Sicilian wine-growing areas.

Let's have a look at the most relevant data.



Menfi has always been the place for viticultural experimentation, and is home to several dozen grape varieties grown on about 3,600 hectares, 455 of which are registered with the DOCs (Menfi and Sicily), and 3,127 are used to produce grapes for IGT and table wines.

More than half the vineyards in Menfi are planted with international grapes, ranging from the classic Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon to less common types such as Petit Manseng, Tannat, Chenin Blanc.

Different Italian grape varieties are also present. Some of them (such as Pinot Grigio or Vermentino) are mainly used for the production of bulk wines "exported" to the Northern Regions where they historically belong; some other Italian grapes are blended for making table or IGT wines.

The most interesting native grapes planted here are Grecanico Dorato, Catarratto (both biotypes comune and lucido), Nero d'Avola, and Inzolia - some farmers also grow Sicilian varieties that historically belong to other areas such as Carricante, Nerello Mascalese and Frappato.

Vitigni coltivati nella DOC Menfi 2023



Although the overall extension of the vineyards in Menfi is very significant, the average area actually destined to the DOC every year is about 185 hectares, and the production of DOC grapes represents only a very small part of the whole harvest.

In any case, data show a positive evolution of the overall wine production. The number of Menfi DOC bottles has slowly but steadily increased over the past 10 years, and Menfi holds today the 5th position among the smaller Sicilian appellations.

DOC siciliane 2022 bottiglie prodotte

Data analysis on the wine production trend over the last decade shows a constant increase in volume, both in terms of issued certificates and of bottles produced, with a total of 608,000 units made in 2022.

Following the area's tradition, producers focus mainly on white wines, with or without mentioning the variety. Chardonnay accounts for over 40%, followed by Grillo and Fiano, each just over 8%. Among the reds, Syrah and Nero d'Avola (both vintage and Riserva) represent just under 5%, while Rosé wines make up just 1% of the bottles produced.

 Vino imbottigliato DOC Menfi 2023


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