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Nero d’Avola is a woman

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Nero d’Avola is one of the traditional red wine grapes of Sicily, and is rapidly becoming quite a popular variety all over the world.

For its ability to resist draught and to survive hot climates, Nero d’Avola shows amazing adaptation to very different type of soils, thus it is deeply influenced by the various Sicilian terroirs where it is cultivated.

The wines produced with Nero d’Avola grapes are generally deeply colored and intense, but their structure may vary from a very powerful, high-alcoholic and thick body to a slimmer and way more elegant wine, with softer tannins and a pleasant acidity.
In Menfi, where the ocean breeze mitigates the temperatures during the day and enriches the grapes with a fresh saline character, the Nero d’Avola is mellow and intriguing: in a word, it’s a woman.

This short interview describes the main features of Cantine Barbera Nero d’Avola.

Q: What gender is your Nero d'Avola?
A: She’s a girl!
First, her real name is “Nera” d’Avola, and not “Nero” d’Avola… the label is wrong - just kidding :)
She’s a “Nera” because all women share the same characteristics: they are soft, and they show that hint of acidity that comes out whenever men make us woman a little angry.
In a world where most of the Nero d’Avolas are overpowerful and supermuscled, my “Nera” tastes and smells like a woman.

Q: How old is she?
A: She is a gorgeous thirty-year-old woman. Maybe a little bit older, however she looks younger than she is.

Q: Where is she from?
A: She comes from the sea.

Q: What would she tell if she could talk?
A: She’d tell of a beautiful place, where it’s never cold, a place where you can breathe the ocean, where agriculture is clean, rich, generous.
Menfi, Sicily: a place that everybody should visit at least once in a lifetime.

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