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OltreVino is a solidarity project developed in association with Istituto Walden ONLUS in Menfi, to support children with autism. 
We aim to foster solidarity across people and social groups by creating a psychological sense of unity associated with the true and genuine taste of natural wine: a good way to understand, deal with and overcome obstacles together. The funds collected from crowdsourcing are used to help children with autism and their families, providing them with psychological support and personalized therapies. 

Ciàtu, the wine that I dedicated to this project, is pure love. It is and intense and expressive wine that reflects the energy of sunshine and the generosity of Mother Earth, and is full of love and joy: the same love and joy that our autistic children need. To know more about this wine, how it is made, tasting and pairing notes, please >>> visit this page 

Istituto Walden ONLUS favors the creation of personalized and intensive cognitive-behavioral paths to improve the quality of life of autistic children, and assists their families since the very moment of diagnosis, helping them in accepting this complex developmental condition by providing psychological support.

You can support OltreVino and the Istituto Walden donating any amount of money here.

Thank you!

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