My name is Marilena Barbera and I am a winegrower.
I live and work in Menfi
Sicily, where I make my wines with my mother and the amazing crew of Cantine Barbera.

The uncontaminated deep blue sea, with its remarkable scenery of sandy dunes covered with dwarf palms and sea lilies. The bright sunshine, the fresh breeze blowing from the ocean. Unforgettable landscapes of a beautiful valley that lies in the South-western part of Sicily, where the Belice River gently flows into the Mediterranean. A focused and sustainable viticulture, close to the amazing Greek ruins of Selinunte.

Sea and wind, air and light, and the fascinating history of human civilization. This is what you can find inside our wines.

Travel notes

Diario di viaggio

Between a blog and a winery notebook: a personal digital moleskine where I take my notes on winemaking, tastings and events, people I meet, places I see, our everyday life.

Photo Album


Instant shots from Sicily, our beautiful island: available on Flickr also in high resolution, easy to comment, download and share with friends. 


Our rules

Our rules

Our production choices, from the vineyards to the winemaking. Our commitment to a sustainable viticulture that respects the natural environment where we live and work. 

Video gallery

I nostri video

Pictures and videos from our world: our YouTube channel with stories from the harvest, video tastings, travels and meetings with very special people.

News and events

IMAGE Degustazioni | #Viniacasamia goes to London
December 4-5 2014 @ #Viniacasamia, London We are really pleased to invite you to the first ‘Vini a Casa Mia’ evening in London! This is a very popular social event in Italy: where you go to taste wonderful wine, meet the producers and learn more about its long artisan tradition.  The first ‘Vini a Casa Mia’ (that means Wine at Mine) will take...
IMAGE Events | La Terra Trema 2014
28-30 November 2014 @ Leoncavallo - Spazio Sociale Autogestito, Milano We will be at the 10th edition of La Terra Trema, a beautiful event which promotes quality Italian farming and supports growers, artisan food and wine producers, slow food culture and unique, rare grape varieties.     This edition will be dedicated to the memory of Luigi Veronelli. I will...
IMAGE Eventi | Critical Wine 2014
8 e 9 Novembre 2014 @ Laboratorio Sociale Buridda, Genova Genova vive, nonostante l'alluvione delle scorse settimane. Vive dell'orgoglio e dell'impegno dei genovesi e di tutte le persone che amano questa bellissima città.  Sabato 8 dalle 15 alle 24 e Domenica 9 Novembre dalle 12 alle 19 i vignaioli di Critical Wine (qui l'elenco completo)...
IMAGE Ratings | Ammàno #1
Ammàno #1: 17/20 @ L'Espresso I Vini d'Italia 2015 This is the first official review for Ammàno #1, which has been described by the Guida ai Vini d'Italia dell'Espresso as a fascinating, intriguing and twinkling white wine (here the complete review of all our wines). A rating of 17/20, just one step far from the Excellence, is...
IMAGE Awards | La Vota 2012
Vino di Eccellenza @ Vitae AIS 2015 A wonderful news that I am proud to share with my friends worldwide: for the third time in a row,  our Cabernet Sauvignon La Vota has been awarded top rated wine by AIS - Italian Sommelier Association in their wine guide Vitae 2015.  Presentation and tasting will be held next Monday November 3rd at Magna Pars Event Space, in...
IMAGE Events | Guida al Vino Critico 2015
2014 October 31st  @ MioBio, Via Thaon de Revel 7 , Milano The new Guida al Vino Critico 2015 speaks about vintners and winemakers from a distinct perspective and with a critical approach. It tells about people before reviewing their wines, conveying stories of life choices and passions, and of sustainable and artisanal models of agriculture that resist...
IMAGE Awards | La Bambina 2013
Golden Star  @ Vini Buoni d'Italia 2015   My Bambina harvest 2013 has won her first Golden Star during the final tastings of Vini Buoni d'Italia wine guide published by the Italian Touring Club!  You can find the list of all winners on the official page of the Guide: Credits: the picture of the bottle - before I put photoshopped stars...
IMAGE Eventi | Parola di donna
Sabato 28 Giugno ore 17,30  @ Costigliole d'Asti (AT), Castello Parola di donna: per i 25 anni dell'Associazione Donne del Vino del Piemonte, la confessione laica tra Marilena Barbera e Pia Donata Berlucchi. Due donne del vino, due generazioni a confronto, con la partecipazione di Sergio Miravalle.  La serata conclude il ciclo di eventi organizzati...


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